Prof. Pata at XTed Talk

Come listen to a very inspirational talk by Professor Pata at a "not-so" XTed talk titled "Ideas Worth Confusion", organized by librarian extraordinaire Steve Kemple.

My talk is called "Is Relativism relative? And why you may like it!"

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Weekend Of Art

This weekend was busy with art events. The closing of Tiny Things went well although it was quite cold. Then Saturday night, I joined musicians Ofir Klemperer and Zach Larabee for a video and audio performance at Manifest Drawing Center in honor of the launching of their new dark room. 

A mural of my work

One of my design has been chosen to be painted permanently on the streets of Downtown Cincinnati. Obviously, I can't paint so I'm not doing it but there is a group of awesome apprentices some of them as young as 14 who will be doing it. Thanks guys! Here is what it looks like now!

Min Micro Cinema Film Festival

My favorite collaborator, Matthew Shackelford, and I had a series of short movies selected for the upcoming Mini Micro Cinema Festival at the Carnegie in Covington. We will present 3 shorts on the theme of Pataphysics on April 12th.

For more information:

World War One project

It's official! I'm working on an ambitious performance project to commemorate WW1. The University of Reims validated the proposal and I have a budget for it. I also got a travel grant from NKU to support the project. The show will take place in May 2016 and will be a collaborative endeavor with French and American artists.