Loraine Wible

Loraine Wible was born in Paris in 1984. She is the daughter of a print making artist and a filmmaker. She started her education in the world of film and obtained a BFA in video documentary at the Ecole Superieur de Realisation Audiovisuel in 2006. After a short career in television she decided to attend graduate school and turned to visual arts. In 2009 she obtained a MFA in electronic arts from the University Of Cincinnati where she then established her artistic practice.

Wible is passionately involved in the artistic life of her community where she has successfully carried on multiple gallery and curatorial projects. In 2009 she launched Museum Gallery/Gallery Museum, an experimental art space that playfully challenged art institutions. In 2014 she initiated a new curatorial collective called NEAR*BY that organized shows in local landmarks. In 2018 she joined the Philadelphia-based collective Vox Populi where she has both curated screenings and showed some of her video and installation works.

Wible is also an assistant professor at The Art Academy Of Cincinnati where she teaches video and motion media arts. In the past she has taught in the Film+Video department of The University of The Arts in Philadelphia and the New Media department of Northern Kentucky University.

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