Selection of collaborative endeavors

Selected works done with the collective NearBy:

NearBy is a collective started in 2014, that seeks to bypass the art institution, working as liaison between artists and pluralistic audiences. We aim to create ephemeral and interdisciplinary exhibitions that connect art with location and meld curatorial and artist practices while blurring the boundaries between installation and white cube. NearBy has organized 11 events including art shows, happenings, mobile art shows and film screenings.

Aural Latrinalia: During the month of October 2016, NearBy invested 6 major Cincinnati institutions (the Contemporary Art Center, 21C museum hotel, The Carnegie, The Weston Art Gallery, The Art Academy, and Wave Pool) by installing sound pieces in the restrooms.

High Art (#1 and #2): In October 2014 and July 2016 Nearby organized a show at the top of Carew Tower, the highest sky scraper in Cincinnati. The artworks were disseminated in the landscape and the audience was invited to look for them with binoculars

Lightgeist: In November 2014 NearBy organized a large scale "festival of lights" in the Rhinegeist Brewery. More than 300 people attended the one night event.

Selected works done with the collective Lateral Thinking:

Lateral Thinking is a collaborative project launched by artist Charlie Woodman. During these live performances, two video artists (Woodman and Wible), along with a handful of musicians improvise sound and image. The performance is always set up to interact with the architecture and acoustics of each particular spaces. 

Lateral Thinking at The San Fanscisco Cinemateque (May 2015)

Lateral Thinking at The Mini Micro Cinema (September 2015)

Selected works done with the collaborative musical project Lazerquest:

Lazerquest is a DADAist performance act that Loraine Wible started in 2007 with musician Leland Schuler. In 2009 artist Chris Reeves replaced Schuler. Lazerquest has performed frequently in Cincinnati area art and music venues such as Wave Pool Gallery (2015), The Comet (2015), Black Winter Festival (2014), Semantics Gallery (2014), or Tinderbox (2014). Lazerquest has been featured on 2 sound art compilations and has released a "Make Your Own Lazerquest Karaoke Album"

Video of Bonnes Vibrations

CinCinCrimCram Holiday Sampler

Selected works done with the collective Museum Gallery Gallery Museum:

From 2009 to 2012, Loraine Wible lead a collaborative experimental gallery project with a dozen artists. In 3 years they organized over 50 art shows, often critiquing art institutions by creating joyfully tong-in-cheek absurdist shows. 

Ye Olde Media was a show organized for a conference on issues relating the conservation of electronic media. MGGM curated a fictitious show  taking place in a future when all of the pieces made by Nam June Paik would have fallen beyond repaired. We commissioned a dozen artists to recreate some of Paik's famous pieces using only traditional media. For example, artist Sarah Bleith-Stevens created a flip book version of "Zen For Film".

The Re-do Show was a plagiarism-based show. We collected and made "redos" of all kinds. I created a fake Shepard Fairey and a fake Felix Gonzales-Torres.

The Hall Of Shame is a happening organized by Loraine Wible in 2011 at the Contemporary Art Center of Cincinnati. People were invited to bring an artwork they had made that was what they considered some of the worst thing they had ever produced. Anyone was invited to participate, artist or not.